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June Flood Pictures



From Canal bridge at the store looking south


Our sweet corn under water
Sweet corn just about to go under water
Delaware Canal overflowing it's banks
Delaware River getting ready to overflow into the quarry
Early Sweet Corn and the seasons watermelons under water
Over looking our string beans, lima beans and sweet corn
Over looking where our early red potatoes would have been
Over looking the farm house where our bi-color and yellow sweet corn was planted
Over looking Laura's flowers (marigold's, snapdragons, argeratum, and more)
This is how high the water was after the river had crested
Looking at the front of the store after the river had crested
Looking inside the cooler after the water started going down
Laura's flowers after the water have gone down. Unfortunalty they did not come back
Whole at the end of a asparagus row that the water created
Glads were left uncovered by the water leaving us to recover them and loosing most of the crop
Cantaloupe plastic pulled out from under neeth the plant
Using our irregation pump to pump out our basements that were flooded